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The Bosak Motors Parts Department is your source of Genuine MOPAR Parts and Accessories used in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles. Genuine MOPAR part are manufactured by Chrysler Group and its suppliers, collectively known as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). These are the same parts used to build each CDJR vehicle. They are superior to aftermarket parts, which can be manufactured without regard to quality or fit.

MOPAR OEM parts beat aftermarket parts in several important ways:

MOPAR OEM Part Aftermarket Part
Quality Operates the same as the original part because it’s made to the same exact specifications. MOPAR has no control over aftermarket parts. These parts often are made from inferior materials and equipment in order to save a few pennies per part. Don’t expect these parts to operate or fit correctly.
Ease of Choice Easy peasy. The Bosak Motors Parts Department has the right part for your vehicle. These parts are available from all kinds of sources in a bewildering array of identification codes. Can lead to confusion and use of the wrong part.
Warranty MOPAR OEM parts and accessories are fully warrantied. Warranties might not be offered, and guarantees might not be honored.
Peace of Mind Rest easy. OEM parts and accessories are the highest quality and work correctly. Yikes! These parts are a crapshoot, and your chances of getting a good part might not be good.
Availability Authorized dealerships Parts stores, online re-shippers, auto dumps, local garages, chop shops, and car-theft rings

Bosak Motors Parts Department

Whether you are a shade-tree amateur mechanic or have all work done by the Certified Technicians at the Bosak Motors Service Department, using Genuine MOPAR parts assures you get the same top-quality parts as those used in new CDJR vehicles. We often have money-saving special coupons and rebates on genuine MOPAR OEM parts, and we are proud to sell Magneti Marelli Parts offered by MOPAR. We also can get you MOPAR Restoration Parts licensed for your vintage vehicle, including OEM parts from Classic Industries. Check out our OEM remanufactured Cummins engines and diesel injectors, backed by a nationwide limited warranty, as well as our Goodyear Tires.

The Bosak Motors MOPAR e-Store

Bosak Motors makes it easy to shop for OEM parts and accessories online, from the comfort of home. Simply fill out the online request form on the Bosak Motors website. We can ship the part to you, or you can come in to our dealership for pickup.

We have the replacement parts you need after a collision, or from routine wear and tear. Bosak Motors provides factory-direct Genuine MOPAR Parts, and the Bosak Motors Service Department will be happy to install them. The Bosak Motors Parts Department is the gateway to Genuine MOPAR OEM parts and accessories!