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    Welcome to Bosak Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Merrillville, the place for an outstanding selection of new high-quality domestic vehicles. Here, you will find everything that you could ever possibly need in a new vehicle. We have all-terrain Jeep vehicles, RAM trucks, Dodge supercars, Chrysler family vehicles, and more. You can drive away in a new SUV, car, truck, or crossover. We have an inventory of Econo base models and fully loaded premium editions that are sure to satisfy any taste.

    Benefits of Buying a New Jeep

    A brand-new Jeep vehicle is your opportunity to start with a fresh slate. You do not have to worry about the maintenance sins of past drivers and their ongoing effect on your vehicle. For example, if a driver had the car repaired with aftermarket replica parts, it is unclear how this will affect the aggregate systems in the long haul. And since everything is brand-new, you know that it is in prime shape and functioning exactly as the manufacturer intended.

    The other benefit of buying a brand-new vehicle is the latest technology. Whether you need premium infotainment or sophisticated safety systems, you have to buy a brand-new car to obtain the newest engineering. Driver-assist systems, such as adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring, are only available in the latest models. If you want the best ride and value for your money, you have to invest in the innovations that are now available. An eight-track tape player is virtually worthless today even it was state-of-the-art for its time. The same is right with other car technology as it quickly becomes obsolete.

    Finally, drivers who buy a brand-new Jeep vehicle are taking advantage of the latest in computer engineering technology. This means that their vehicles are being designed with tools that are far more sophisticated. They can be tweaked for aerodynamics, performance, fuel efficiency, and handling in ways that were never before possible. Everything from the chassis to the airbags to the suspension and braking is more refined, thanks to the benefit of powerful computer technology. Even the assembly lines are being updated and automated to carry out advanced functions and make high-quality vehicles more affordable.

    Quality New Jeeps

    Perhaps, most of all, the reasons to buy a brand-new Jeep vehicle from our dealership is the additional quality assurances. Our service department takes Jeep vehicle through a thorough inspection process that marks off every item on a checklist. They can ensure that cars that go up for sale on our lots are free of factory defects and free of the damage that can occur during transport. Any loose, deformed, or missing parts must be replaced with high-quality factory parts. Scratches and dings are utterly unacceptable.

    In addition to a visual inspection, they also prep the vehicles for sale by configuring the technology, topping off the fluids, greasing the friction points, and correcting tire pressures. They also test drive the vehicles and check for any subtle performance issues.

    Please contact us when you are ready to upgrade your lifestyle with a brand-new Jeep vehicle. Jeep vehicles are an excellent value because the price reflects the quality of the vehicles rather than the 50 percent markup for shipping and import taxes. Stop in or call us today to take a test drive in any Jeep that you desire.

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