Gorilla Glass Car Windshield

For the Bold & Rugged

You bought a Jeep Wrangler because you love the great outdoors and are not afraid of adventure. Nicks and scratches are bound to accumulate when you drive your Jeep off road. If your windshield becomes chipped or cracked – you’re lucky! That’s because you can replace the windshield with a Mopar Windshield made from Corning Gorilla Glass * – the product made for the bold & rugged.

*Available for model years 2011-2018. Part number 68401325AA.

Gorilla Glass

All it’s Cracked Up to Be

The Mopar Windshield is all it’s cracked up to be. It has survived tough testing and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. The secret is the same kind of heavy duty, strengthened glass used on cell phone screens. Mother Nature can dish out the punishment, but Mopar Windshield can take it!

Protect Your Windshield

You can count on the Mopar Windshield with Gorilla Glass to protect your windshield from three causes of fractures:

  1. Sharp Impact: Usually caused by small sharp stones that cause a radial, or star-like, crack that extends throughout the outer glass ply surfaces one and two.
  2. Blunt Impact: Caused by impacts from small blunt rocks or debris, it creates a bullseye crack, sometimes surrounding radial crack, on the outer glass ply surface one and sometimes surface two.
  3. Biaxial Flexure: Caused by large blunt stone or hail impacting sharply on surface one, creating long cracks running from impact point throughout inner ply surface four and occasionally outer ply surface two.

The Bosak CDJR Service Department is an authorized installer for Mopar-backed parts, including the Mopar Windshield made from Gorilla Glass. Don’t leave your Jeep repairs and enhancements to chance – trust your vehicle to the certified, factory-trained technicians at Bosak CDJR, no matter where your travels take you!