Gorilla Glass Car Windshield

For the Bold & Rugged

Get the Off-Roading Windshield with Gorilla Glass
If you love to drive off the road in a Jeep Wrangler, you need Gorilla Glass.

Support Your Adventurous Heart

We all love Wrangler’s ability to take you places most vehicles cannot travel, but nobody likes a cracked windshield. Gorilla Glass supports your adventurous heart. It significantly reduces rock chips and other potential windshield damage.

*Available for model years 2011-2018. Part number 68401325AA.

Gorilla Glass


See More Clearly

If you drive a 2011 Jeep Wrangler or newer model, we can help you rid yourself of a windshield full of cracks, chips, and scratches amassed during your off-road excursions. You might consider those items battle scars, but you also know they block your clear vision of what awaits in front of your Wrangler. Gorilla Glass cures that problem.

Go Gorilla Tough

Built by Mopar, the replacement windshield we offer for your Jeep Wrangler at our dealership features Gorilla Glass from Corning. Initially designed for the sturdiest smartphones, Gorilla Glass is remarkably robust. Mopar’s Gorilla Glass windshield carries a two-year limited warranty, so you know it’s not scared of the average rock.



Drive with a Better Windshield

  • Sharp impacts by small stones with severe corners that create star-like cracks
  • Blunt force by rounded, small rocks that leave an impression resembling a bullseye
  • Big, rough stones or hailstones that give massive cracks and threaten your windshield’s structural integrity

Mopar’s Gorilla Glass windshield can stop these damage makers.

We are authorized installers of Mopar parts at our dealership. To ensure proper Jeep Wrangler windshield replacement, see us for your new Gorilla Glass windshield.