2020 Jeep Gladiator vs 2019 Chevy Colorado

2020 Jeep Gladiator vs 2019 Chevy Colorado
2020 Jeep Gladiator 2019 Chevy Colorado
Engine Power
  285hp 200hp
Fuel Capacity
  22.0 gal. 21.0 gal.
Rear Leg Room
  38.3 in. 35.8 in.

2020 Jeep Gladiator vs 2019 Chevy Colorado

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The 2020 Gladiator is a brand-new release from Jeep, but it’s already made a big first impression. The Gladiator is Jeep’s first-ever pickup truck. It is designed like the Wrangler, but instead of having a close-cab design, it has an open truck bed. The Gladiator has legendary Jeep capability, including its 4×4 capabilities. This vehicle will provide you with Best-in-Class towing and payload. Strong, sturdy, and striking in appearance, it looks (and is designed) to turn heads and set new standards wherever it goes. The Gladiator has many elements of Jeep’s classic styling, including its signature rounded headlights, vertical seven-slot grille, and tremendous off-road capabilities. But with an innovative design and many creative opportunities for a custom finish, the Gladiator is also one of the most unique Jeep vehicles around. Another truck on the market is the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado. But the Colorado doesn’t quite keep up with the Gladiator in terms of interior space, off-road capabilities, and availability of safety features. So if you’re looking for a truck that can truly tackle the beaten path, the Colorado is your best choice.

Exterior Features

As with any Jeep, the 2020 Gladiator turns heads at first glance. The Gladiator’s stunning look is accentuated by rounded headlights, a seven-slot grille, and oversize wheel arches. Unlike many SUVs, the Gladiator looks like a rugged SUV, and it performs like one, too. Sturdy axles make the Gladiator capable of tackling just about any terrain. Special off-road gearing, wide-track axles, disconnecting front sway bars, and large 33-inch tires add to the Gladiator’s appearance. The Jeep Gladiator also comes with several options for a top, including several hard-top and soft-top designs. The front windshield and doors also fold down to let maximum sunshine and fresh air in. Bold LED lights add to the Gladiator’s dramatic appearance and improve your visibility. While the Gladiator gets high marks for its off-road-ready design, the Chevrolet has a low front air dam that limits its off-road capabilities. So if you’re looking for a truck that can tackle tough terrain, it’s apparent which vehicle is your best bet. The Chevrolet also doesn’t come with the same sizable wheels that the Gladiator has.

Interior Amenities

The 2020 Gladiator’s interior is surprisingly luxurious and updated. Comfortable and tech-savvy, the Gladiator’s interior will easily get you through the longest workday and road trip. The Gladiator features an award-winning system with a seven-inch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Leather seats and a sunroof, which are available options, enhance the Gladiator’s appearance. Multiple USB charging ports and an optional 115V power outlet are other highlights of the Jeep Gladiator. The Jeep is also equipped with a number of driver-assist safety aids, along with an innovative backup camera that helps you spot and avoid objects in your path of travel. While you’ll find some similar amenities in the Chevrolet, its interior is not nearly as comfortable and well-equipped as that of the Gladiator.


When it comes to performance, the Jeep Gladiator pulls ahead of the Chevrolet. The Gladiator has the best towing capacity of its class at 7,650 pounds. It also has the best payload rating in its class. This is accomplished by one of the most powerful engines in its class. The Colorado has an engine that generates 200 HP at 6,300 RPM, but it’s not as strong as what the Gladiator offers.

When you consider all the factors, the 2020 Jeep Gladiator is an exceptional vehicle. This year, let the Gladiator be your work truck of choice. With impressive tow ratings and power output, the Gladiator makes a fine debut for Jeep fans. Contact our dealership to learn more or arrange a test drive.